Magic: the Gathering-

What is It?

Magic is the first trading card game, which first came out in 1993. It takes place in the multiverse of several different "planes," or worlds. (Which is currently at nine.) Within all of these planes, there are five types of lands, which can be used for mana: Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest. There is no law of physics in common between them- some have an infinite expanse of matter, small spaces of empty space, or even inversions of normal reality. Apart from these widely varying differences, there is only one thing in common between all of them: mana, the energy that fuels magic. Mana is a part of the land, and only those with a connection to the land can call upon its mana. 

Although there are so many different planes, the average beings beleive that their world is the only one that exists. Only planeswalkers know the greater truth: that each plane is one of many, and that only they can travel to planes beyond their own. Now all the planes are connected by the substance of the Multiverse itself: the Æther, called the Blind Eternities by planeswalkers—the only beings who ever see it. They have the ability to cross the Blind Eternities That ability leads them to form connections with many different lands, to encounter thousands of different races and creatures, and to learn a vast array of spells—more than most archmages bound to a plane could ever hope to master.

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